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AMAST – is specialized in design, production and installation of different telecom tower types to provide any wireless network.Company is founded in 2011 as a first Russian enterprise operating worldwide.

Today  the company provide to the customers  design, production and mounting services and technical service of antenna- masts structures. Projects of commercial production include 4 types of guide masts and 5 types of tower constructions in high diapason from 5 till 140 m.

Our company has its own office, situated in the central part of the city, quite near  to Nevsky prospect.

Work experience during the last years shows, that our production becomes more and more demanded not only  in Russia , but in former soviet republics , with whom  economic relations , infringing in the last deccennary,  are restoring , but also by foreign companies, which are desposing their projects in Russia and UIS.

Taking into consideration economic condition in Russia at present time and particularly communication industry, we may tell with a large share of assurance , that our company has excellent  perspectives of development for reviewing future