Branch of Dechert Kazakhstan Limited, Филиал Компании 


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Branch of Dechert Kazakhstan Limited, Филиал Компании 

Dechert is a leading international law firm with 27 offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Founded in 1875, the firm has more than 900 lawyers allowing us the resources to deliver seamless, high-quality legal services to clients wherever they do business.

Dechert is committed to providing professional services of the highest quality to our clients. We seek work that is challenging, complex, important and distinctly valuable to our clients and thrive on the close attorney-client relationship and power of collaboration that is essential to producing excellent results.

We are proud to be comprised of talented lawyers, innovative thinkers and extraordinary people who like and respect each other and enjoy working together. We value openness and communication and, in keeping with our tradition of participatory governance, we arrive at all important decisions through consensus-building. Integrity and honesty also are at the heart of our practice, both in our work for clients and in our relationships with each other. Our faithfulness to these guiding principles creates an environment that allows us to best serve our clients.

Our fully integrated offices enable us to work together across continents, operating as one firm worldwide. This allows us to assemble the most talented teams of lawyers to solve our clients’ most challenging and complex issues, regardless of geographic location.