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Meritservus Group, a Cyprus based financial (MeritKapital Limited) and fiduciary services (MeritServus Secretaries Ltd) firm with focus on:

  • Advice on optimal tax structures
  • Effective provision of company administration and accounting
  • Trust, fiduciary and other related services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Brokerage and Custodian

The firm's practice dates back to the 1970s with the introduction of the tax incentives by Cyprus to be followed by:

  • Incorporation as a division of Deloitte in 1988
  • Subsequent to the US's SEC introduction of regulations relating to auditor  independence, Meritservus became wholly independent through a successful management buyout as of January 2005
  • Meritservus became the preferred service provider of Deloitte
  • In 2006 MeritKapital obtained a SEC licence for portfolio management and corporate finance

Our wide and elite client base is proof for the sound reputation we have established in our industry for renderinghigh quality services.