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GDi Systems 

GDi GISDATA Group/GDi Systems (further GDi),, is a focused technical and business information systems and software company of medium size in Europe, with almost 200 employees.

GDi prides itself of its internationally competitive GDi applications software products such as GDi ENSEMBLE, GDi GEOSS and GDi LOCALIS as well as its professional services related to our globally leading partner platforms and tools.

GDi operates in 9 countries in Europe with over 1,000 GIS, VAS and OSS customers. In telecom VAS/Cloud/SaaS and M2M line of business, GDi has customers in 10 time zones, from Latin America and to Russia/CIS. In very specialized telecom NGOSS line of business, GDi is the definitive leader in Central Europe, further expanding within EMEA and one of the fastest growing telecom Cloud companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

GDi's mission is to supply and continually support its long term and growing customer base with a full set of effective, mission critical solutions providing value to their business processes as well as with continued support, maintenance, training, consulting and upgrades.

GDi is a company for people who desire not only to "do business" but who truly want to work as a part of an international team to make a difference, contribute to their environment, act with social responsibility and achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment.