Проект «Openprovider» развивается с 2004 года голландской компанией Hosting Concepts BV.

Платформа «Openprovider» предоставляет клиентам возможность управлять через веб-интерфейс или API электронными товарами и услугами, такими как доменные имена, SSL-сертификаты, спам-фильтры, лицензии Plesk и Virtuozzo, а так же управлять DNS записями доменных имен.

В настоящее время платформа поддерживает более тысячи доменов верхнего уровня (TLD) и обслуживает около миллиона доменных имен. Ключевые рынки компании: БеНиЛюкс и Испания, также компания начинает развивать свою деятельность на рынках Индии и России.

About us 

Purpose of existence

We believe that we have to constantly reinvent ourselves


Our belief

Do what you enjoy and we automate the rest


Our story

Openprovider was created in 2004 to solve a problem of a hosting company called Hosting Concepts. This company did a small email mailing to sell Belgium .be domains in 2003 to other registrars in the Netherlands. We expected to get 3 or 4 new customers, but within a few months we had over 200 customers ordering domains from us. Since we did not have a fully automated backend at the time we hired a guy from an University to develop the first version of Openprovider as his graduation project at University. He got a straight 10 for this project and graduated with honors. After the launch in 2004 Openprovider was developing further and growing fast. In 2008 it became too big for one person to manage, we were looking for the way to expand our development team and ended up hiring a freelancers in Novosibirsk, Russia. Then Openprovider started to grow and few freelancers have been converted into a solid development team and since 2010 we are expanding our sales force as well. Now we are 35 people in total based in Netherlands, Russia, Spain and India.


Why should you join?

You want to work in an international company that is conquering the world and you share our core values and our purpose for existence and you are an excellent software developer or have to motivation and drive to become one when you are not so experienced.

You can work with top people from different countries in a fast growing company.

You are a self-motivated person that can handle a lot of responsibility and want to be judged upon your results and deliverables.


Core values

1. Quality results in quantity

At Openprovider, we accept nothing less than 100% integrity in all our business dealings. Quality, trust, integrity and commitment are values we live. A deal is a deal.

We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and act decisively whether internally, with our suppliers and partners, or with our customers. This helps us build fruitful and long lasting relationships with both our customers and our stakeholders.

2. Do what you Enjoy and Enjoy what you do

Our continued enjoyment in what we do reflects our long term commitment to all our stakeholders – satisfaction for ourselves and our customers.

3. Knowledge equals Power

More than 10 years of rapid growth and success is the result of our passion, creativity and curiosity and intelligence for what we do. Constantly learning from all our stakeholders is a key driver for our success. We are in it for the long term.

4. Be a Wolf, not a Sheep

At Openprovider, we are committed to being leaders, not followers.

We value and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual in our organisation.

This helps us deliver innovative and creative products and services that add great business value for our customers and help shape our markets, rather than being driven by them.

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