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OOO Innolink is a market research company, which is specialized to offer the market entrance services for the Customers, who are seeking for growth from the Russian markets. Another important target group is to serve companies, who already are operational in Russia, but who wish to boost and expand their businesses on Russian markets. The office is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, but research operations are carried everywhere Russia. Company's product portfolio is targeted to the Russian market research, consulting and internationalization services, which provides customers with concrete tools to boost trade on Russia markets. From market researches Customers will receive exact, concrete data, which helps customers to understand their possibilities on Russian markets. OOO Innolink is part of the Innolink Group.

Innolink Group is a group of companies operating in the field of personnel services, market information and research, sales, consulting, marketing and internationalization of business. The Group offers its customers comprehensive services to achieve success and growth. Innolink group consists of the following subsidiaries:

- Innolink Staff
- Innolink Direct
- Innolink Research
- Innolink Place
- OOO Innolink

For customers Innolink Group is a strategic key partner now offering a wide selection of different high-quality services, which ensure the successful growth for the customer. For its own personnel Group’s number one goal is to be known as desired place to work, seeking only the industry's best talent.
Among our references there are such companies like Metso and ABB. Customer satisfaction is >90%.

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