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The international concert agency "RU-CONCERT" was founded in 2001 at the time when there were no promotion companies in Russian Federation which could provide a full circle management services to artists and creative companies.

Developing, the company expanded its range of services and the main priorities of the agency today are creation of infrastructure to support show business industry in Russian Federation and a strong professional team of art managers who will become the first and the last competent authority in solution of client's tasks. Years of experience has allowed to "RU-CONCERT" company to sign contracts with well-known stars of Russian and foreign music, to become a representative of many famous foreign artists. In the past few years we served state corporations' big oil and financial companies, city administrations of Russian Federation.

During the active, creative and highly responsible administrative work "RU-CONCERT" agency has maintained a spotless reputation: since its establishment and up today has not had a single confusion both by clients and by department authorities, tax authorities, courts, Prosecutors Office. Thanks to the reliable image "RU-CONCERT" agency attracts serious customers who would like to get reliable and predictable results. Talented artists will always find like-minded people in "RU-CONCERT".

Working with us is comfortable for all. After all we are doing our favorite thing that's why we treat artists and partners with love and respect. We are always happy to help novice artists to promote to the big stage. We organize performances and tours for artists, music groups in CIS countries and Europe.

Today, "RU-CONCERT" company is a source for event purchase of foreign pop stars for Russian event market. Catalogue of the agency is constantly updated with new artists trying to satisfy not only the most discerning tastes of the audience but also to work in order to stay ahead of demand.
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