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Intellect Motion 

Intellect Motion is a company with offices in Singapore (HQ), Minsk (Research & Development lab), and California (Marketing, PR). We are a small team dedicated to bringing a more immersive experience to virtual reality applications, by providing highly efficient technology in a beautiful and affordable package.

Key company product is iMotion. iMotion controllers provide a revolutionary way to have pinpoint-accurate 3D motion control across an incredible range of existing platforms and applications. 

iMotion also features airtouch (haptic) feedback, which is a unique addition to the motion control experience. Both of these features make iMotion truly unique and all that at an attractive price point.

iMotion creates a virtual touch screen, similar to a giant motion sensitive space in front of you. iMotion's unique haptic feedback feature provides physical feedback so you can "feel" a virtual object being touched inside a game or application.

Any computer that can be controlled with a keyboard and mouse and a standard webcam can be controlled with iMotion. You can play First Person Shooter games or fighting games, or interact with 3D applications using your hands to move, open or rotate, and drag and drop 3D objects with high precision.