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АДМ Капитал Алматы 

Founded in 1998, ADM Capital is an investment manager that looks to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in opportunities across Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. ADM Capital is focused on detailed due diligence, innovative deal structuring and has an extensive, well-established infrastructure. The Company is strongly positioned to source, structure, manage and exit transactions in its respective markets.

With deep local knowledge and an ability to tap into relationships developed over the last 15 years, ADM Capital has the financial expertise and knowledge to transact across a number of different geographies. Furthermore, ADM Capital has developed a strong internal legal and risk management framework that enables the Firm to understand complex situations within the local legal and regulatory jurisdictions.

ADM Capital has a strong presence across the regions it looks to invest in and continues to expand as a business. Following the opening of the office in Hong Kong in 1998, ADM Capital has opened offices in Mumbai, Istanbul and London, Beijing, Kiev and Almaty.

Whilst producing superior returns, ADM Capital’s founding partners believe that investments should be based on sound ecological principles. In 2006, the ADM Capital Foundation (http://www.admcf.org) was established.