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Aviko has created value from potatoes for more than 50 years and, since its establishment in 1962, has grown to become a European market leader of fresh, frozen and dried potato products. Aviko is also one of the four largest potato processors in the world. Aviko is backed by the financial strength of the Dutch company Royal Cosun, with its annual turnover of € 2.2 billion.This allows us to invest in our continued growth.

To many people, Aviko equals fries. And fries equal Aviko. And that's so true. On a global scale, we are, in fact, the market leader in the area of chilled fries. And this is something we are rather proud of. Yet there is more to us than that: as one of the four largest potato-processing companies in the world, we do a lot more with potatoes than just make fries. Rosti potatoes, for example, and gratins, potato dishes, mashed potatoes, dried potato products, such as granulates and flakes, and so on.