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Eclectic Publishing East Europe (Cool English) 

Eclectic Publishing Ltd was formed in 2003 to exploit the growing trade volumes between the UK and Russia. Its head office is in Ipswich, England, with offices in London, St. Petersburg, and Cairo.
The company prides itself on providing European quality of products & services at Russian prices.
The company can provide complete publishing and branding packages to both British companies looking to the Russian market, and Russian companies looking to the British market.

Cool English is a funny monthly magazine for improving your English. Real English in genuine contexts. Slang. Business English.
Functional language. US English. Cartoons. Humorous articles. Easy to read. Helpful glossaries. Useful expressions. Fun.
Something for everyone. Readers from 16-105 years-old. From pre-intermediate to proficient. A great exercise pack complete with useful grammar and vocabulary based worksheets.
Fun material for teachers. Fantastic 60 minute audio CD. All the English you'll ever need!

Eclectic Translations provides translation services from Russian to English and from English to Russian as well as editing and correction of English & Russian texts. All translations and edits are only done by native language speakers into their own language. This means our customers receive the highest-quality and most professional translations and a 100% guarantee of quality of our services.