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INGLASS is specialized since 1987 in the design and construction of molds for plastic materials, in particular rotative multicolour and multicomponent molds for automotive lighting.

In 2001, based on the expertise developed in this field, the hot runner systems division HRSflow was created.

HRSflow manufactures hot runner systems for the injection molding of any plastic material.

In 2004 it created an INglass division, the Plastic Glazing, dedicated to injection compression molding technology and the production of large transparent polycarbonate surfaces. In 2009 the company had opened a new branch in Hangzhou, near Shanghai, for hot runners production dedicated to the Asian market. In 2010 the company gave birth to the Multitech division, the new hot runners line to produce low weight and high volumes components. INglass-HRSFlow is able to provide a global support thanks to direct branches and agents based in Americas, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe. INglass-HRSflow' product line can efford to provide specific solution to its clients in all the application fields as automotive, medical, caps and closures, cosmetic and packaging.
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