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DLF Seeds A/S  

With an estimated market share of 20% worldwide, DLF Seeds A/S is the world’s biggest seed company within the breeding, production, sale and marketing of cool season clover and grass seed species. DLF Seeds A/S is based in Denmark and owned by Danish seed growers through DLF AmbA.

The company enjoys a strong position on the world market as a supplier of clover and grass seeds for a range of purposes from forage grasses for agriculture to turf grasses for both the professional and private markets. Production The production of clover and grass seeds is mainly situated in Denmark, as the climate is favourable here and the growers are highly experienced in seed production. DLF Seeds A/S also has a significant contract production in Holland and the USA via its subsidiaries Cebeco Seeds Group (Holland) and DLF International Seeds (USA). DLF Seeds A/S has thus established seed production in three of the most competitive areas in the world. About 95% of DLF production of clover and grass seeds in Denmark is exported via its own subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, France, Holland, the USA and the Czech Republic, and via representative offices in Russia and China and the export department in Roskilde, Denmark.  

The company’s strong position on the world market for clover and grass seeds can be attributed to a number of factors. The sales initiatives are supported by an efficient production and logistics function, where the seeds are cleaned on modern machinery and the quality of the product is documented via analyses in our own ISTA-accredited and authorised laboratories. DLF has an efficient logistics function which, in cooperation with production, makes it possible to undertake tailor-made deliveries in accordance with customer needs. This is part of DLF goal of delivering quality throughout the production chain. Innoseeds Group (Formerly Cebeco Seeds Group) With the purchase of Innoseeds Group in 2003, the DLF Group’s product range was extended to include cereals and flax. Innoseeds Group breeds and markets winter wheat and spring and winter barley targeted towards the markets in France, Germany, the UK, the Benelux countries, Denmark, and the Czech Republic and the other central European countries. The Group’s activities within peas were also strengthened by the purchase of Cebeco Seeds Group. These activities are targeted towards the markets in France, Germany, the UK, the Benelux countries, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Numerous varieties DLF has a very strong range of varieties within clover and grass seeds. This position, which was significantly strengthened by the purchase of Innoseeds Group, was achieved via the development of new varieties from our own breeding and purchased varieties. DLF can thus offer an unique range of varieties for both turf and forage purposes.

There is focus in the development of varieties on combining high yields with quality criteria such as stress tolerance, digestibility and resistance to wear. To achieve its goal of being the market’s preferred supplier, DLF breeds its own varieties via a breeding programme based on ultramodern methods, including biotechnology, which is now an important part of breeding. DLF clover and grass breeding is carried out by the Group's plant breeding departments in Denmark, Holland, the Czech Republic, France, New Zealand and the USA.