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Сиба строй 

SIBA was established in 1982. Furthermore, in 2009, Our more than 30 year-old experience carried to Russia and to take the main role in the construction business of growing Russian Industrial Market.

Recently, SIBA proves its success and experiences in the following areas:

➢ In Cement Industry; The construction of Silos such as Raw-Meal Silos, Cement Silos, Clinker Silos, Elevator Towers, Pre-heater Towers, and all kinds of reinforced concrete structures of Cement Plants,
➢ In Energy Sector; The construction of Cooling Towers, R.C. Chimneys (Windshields), Silos such as Ash/FlyAsh Silos and all kinds of R.C. structures of thermal power plant.
➢ In Petro-Chemical Refineries; The construction of CCR and isomerization units,
➢ In Water Treatment Lines; The construction of water storage towers and water purification plants.