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Лудан Инжиниринг Рус 

LUDAN Group is a unique blend of companies in the fields of Engineering, Software, Process Control, Environment, Energy and more, located in Israel, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia.

LUDAN Group offers comprehensive solutions for a wide array of complex projects.

The Group is well known for developing large-scale projects involving the application of advanced technologies.

Our staff is the key ingredient to our success. Their energy, enthusiasm, innovation and commitment to provide our clients with service and value have solidified our leadership position in the relevant fields.

The Group provides its clients with a full range of Engineering Services, with an emphasis on environmental and process control solutions, mainly in the process industry.

Our strength lies in our investment in employees and in their future.

We measure success not only by the products we bring to our customers, or the financial results we deliver to our shareholders, but also by remaining true to our core values of safety and environmental stewardship, respect and integrity.

More information about LUDAN Group at: http://www.ludan-group.com


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