Health Gorilla is a leader in digital health.  We are the first online healthcare marketplace to connect all doctors and clinicians with over 9,000+ diagnostic labs and 35,000 radiology centers.  Doctors and their teams can instantly place orders, get results, and completely eliminate paper faxes. Uniquely, our HIPAA compliant and ONC modular certified MU2 solution is available immediately at absolutely no charge for doctors and clinicians.

Health Gorilla is replacing the clunky and costly process of lab test ordering – where each doctor must use many separate systems from individual companies to request tests and view results.  We’re replacing it with a simple and proven solution – a single nationwide Online Healthcare Marketplace that connects doctors to service providers, streamlining orders, and providing real-time access to results.  Approximately 72% of all patient record data is diagnostic lab and radiology center test results.  All of that data is flowing through our system.


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