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Test Pro Ltd. 

TestPro is a leading international software and hardware testing services company. It has more than 350 engineers in branches all over the world. TestPro is designed to help clients improve their competitiveness and efficiency, providing services to the commercial, industrial, institutional, and government sectors.

Vital, cost-effective services provide the finest solutions for each and every one of our clients. Our testing services are tailor-made according to the customer’s needs and plans, either as a complete solution or as a partial operational solution.

TestPro is committed to building lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients by providing them with high-quality, professional services. Along with our employees, we consider these long-term partnerships to constitute the company’s single most important asset and the true engine behind our current and future success.

Our Assets: Highly skilled and qualified personnel, high quality and proven QA procedures, industry- and time-proven methodologies, and tremendous experience in almost any field of system and process testing.