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The Innovation Factors

  • No other contact center platform empowers users to build business processes using BPMN 2.0 notation and execute them immediately.
  • No other business process management (BPM) platform offers inbound and outbound telephony, and multi-channel non-voice interactions, as readily available and executable building blocks.
  • No other enterprise portal offers the flexibility to seamlessly incorporated business process management and telephony functionality.

With FrontSphere, the application portal also becomes the hub for the enterprise-wide business logic and corporate telephony. By delivering the convergence of Communication, Computing and Content, FrontSphere not only taps into the market of business automation, it turns that market completely around. FrontSphere:

  • Eliminates the costs and time lag associated with integrating diverse business platforms and applications.
  • Enables business managers to bypass software developers and system integrators, not only when making small modifications to existing scenarios, but also when building entirely new business processes.
  • Allows unprecedented flexibility in the design, testing and deployment of ad-hoc business process.
  • Simplifies telephony and contact center administration to the point where dedicated engineering staff is no longer required.
  • Eliminates steep upfront costs and capital expenditure outlays by adopting a pay-per-use billing model.

Delivered via a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, FrontSphere is on the leading edge of the current technology trends.