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Аллнекс Белгород 


We provide tailored solutions to meet customers' current and future

For over 60 years, we have used our cutting-edge and innovative
technology, product and industry know-how and experience to
develop a comprehensive range of products.

Globally, we specialise in developing and manufacturing innovative
resins used in decorative, industrial automotive and protective

With an extensive technology and product portfolio, we are a leading
provider of resins and additives used in:

  • automotive OEM coatings
  • vehicle refinish coatings
  • decorative and trim paint
  • construction coatings
  • wood, plastic and textile coatings
  • marine coatings
  • protective coatings used on trains, bridges and
    heavy machinery.

In Australia and New Zealand, we are also a leading producer of resins for composite materials, paper and packaging, flooring, inks and adhesives - and the leading producer of masterbatch additives for plastics and have an agency and distribution business.


We offer the flexibility and responsiveness of a local partner, backed with the strength of a global sales, R&D and production network. This is how we routinely exceed our customers' expectations.

We consistently deliver innovative and tailored products that improve the performance, appearance, and durability of our customers’ products. And we always provide unequalled technical and post-sales support that continues long after we deliver our products


As a trusted, global chemicals company, our products are found in everyday products,
everywhere. Through our global network of production sites, sales teams and R&D
specialists, our products are sold in over 80 countries.

We specialise in developing, manufacturing and distributing products that enhance,
strengthen and protect everything - from our homes, cars and furniture, through to our
bridges, buildings and boats and even our food, drink bottles and sunscreen.

Really, if it's coated, covered, or consumable, chances are we've had a role in its creation.

We earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by being innovative, flexible and reliable and 
by delivering products and technologies that solve our customers’ challenges and exceed
their expectations.



It's what we value that defines who we are as an organisation. They guide the behaviour, actions and decisions of everyone at Nuplex and are how we create the chemistry behind everyday products everywhere.

  • SAFETY – in every action, every day
  • TEAMWORK and PERFORMANCE – delivering results and excellence
  • CUSTOMERS – exceeding expectations
  • INNOVATION – solving challenges
  • INTEGRITY –  how we conduct ourselves
  • DIVERSITY – of products, people, and possibilities


Every day, we use chemistry to create innovative products that enhance, strengthen and protect a wide variety of consumer and capital goods found in all aspects of modern life.

We also draw on another kind of chemistry…the synergy created when people collaborate as a team with shared values and purpose and deliver more than they thought was possible.

This is the chemistry that makes us stand out, and makes us proud of our achievements.



In 1952, Nuplex opened its doors as a New Zealand flooring distributor
called Floor Tiles and Parquet Ltd and soon expanded into resins

Over the past 60 years, we have grown into a trusted, global
chemicals company listed on both the NZX and Australian
Securities Exchange. Today, we generate over half our sales
in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

As we have grown, we have maintained our tradition of exceeding our
customers’ expectations and used our entrepreneurial spirit to develop
innovative products, provide solutions and find growth opportunities.