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Nest Capital 

Nest Capital is a young company specializing in fixed income and offers asset management, investment advisory, broker and execution services, corporate finance and market research. The company operates in several countries globally and brings together high-level professionals who generate maximum value on capital markets in the emerging market universe.


The company was established through the merger of fixed income specialists with a wealth of experience working with these financial instruments. In addition to high levels of professionalism and expertise, the nest-cap members also possess core ethical qualities, which they express by adhering to international concepts and rules of investment business attitudes and standards.


The key principle in our approach to business is that the interests of the clients always come first in accordance with the integrity of capital markets. We comply with the rules and regulations of all relevant authorities, using reasonable care to be independent and objective in our advisory services.
Nest Capital deal fairly and objectively with all our clients when providing investment analysis, making investment recommendations, taking investment action or engaging in other professional activities and exercise prudent judgment at all times.
We strive to ensure that all our business in asset management is carried out in strict accordance with the established investment memorandum. We maintain the highest levels of best execution practice.
The company is in a constant state of evolutionary development, which means we constantly strive to improve the quality of products, core principles, and interpersonal relationship with the international investment community, as well as all other aspects of the work.
The company is committed to maintaining a high level of social capital among team members.