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FD Amoretti International


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Руководитель проекта

FD Amoretti International

FD AMORETTI INTERNATIONAL has been operating successfully since establishment in 1999. 

We renowned for creating innovative and stylish designs to serve the ever demanding architectural stainless steel projects.

Construction is a unique technical builder with a passion for results.

We are a commercial contractor and construction manager that has grown with our customers by delivering measurably more value.

Whether a multi-million-dollar technical facility or a conference room renovation, we execute every project with relentless accountability. 

We listen to your goals.

We develop strategies based on your business. 

We track our performance. We do everything we can to earn your trust and build great lasting relationships. 

Stainless steel is an ideal material to create lasting solutions in demanding applications from cutlery to bridges, energy to medical equipment. 

Stainless steel as material is 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, durable and hygienic. 

Our production facilities cover all continents and are located in Italy , Peru , Panama , Hong Kong , China, with a global sales and service center network close to our customers.