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As a service provider for the IT industry, we do our best every day to offer our customers excellent performance - everywhere. We are supported worldwide by more than 3,500 permanent employees in more than 38 subsidiaries and offer our services in more than 190 countries. 

What sets us apart? We differentiate ourselves through our unrivalled indirect business model and the fact that our customers are no end customers but global market leaders. That’s how we made it to the very top: Not only do most of our processes run automatically but our operations are controlled centrally through our software, and we have set our own delivery standards. All of these factors raise the benchmark in the IT service industry. We have plenty of interesting innovations we would like to implement with you. Get to know us and let’s do great things together!




We are proud to say that our business model is unique. It is our conviction that avoiding and automating tickets and tasks is the only way to evolve as a global IT service provider. Moreover, this business model ensures that we maintain our customers as long-term contractors. Get to know us and learn more about our services.

Global services for Manufacturers:

  • Onsite support for the leading manufacturers including spare parts management.
  • Nearshore repair facilities for electronic devices with international pickup and return.
  • Nearshore and offshore remote support in 48 different languages.

Global services for Outsources:

  • End to end delivery solution for the complete workplace environment.
  • On time deployment and operational availability for server, storage and network infrastructure guaranteed worldwide.



The core of our IT services is based on three key elements which make our business model unique. This represents the DNA of Hemmersbach.

1. Indirect business only

No other business model can compare with ours. We only work for the leading companies in the IT industry and keep our word by saying that we never sign contracts with end customers. We therefore avoid conflicts between our main contractors and their direct sales force or channel partners.

2. Autonomic technology applied worldwide

Avoidance and automation of service activities is our calling.
Hemmersbach has established its own Workflow Systems by utilizing automation and autonomic computing technology. As a result, we reduce costs continuously while improving quality as well.

3. Paid for results, not hours

It is great to be paid by the hour as a service provider – the slower they walk, the more hours will be charged. Not at Hemmersbach. Our company expanded immensely by being paid for performance. In fact, 90% of our revenue is generated by means of being paid for performance. Consequently, we are responsible for the productivity and coping with volatility and ticket volume. This results in cost predictability for our customers.


                                                                                 We never refuse to enthuse

                                            "It doesn’t matter what the order is, we never lose the mission mindset."


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