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ООО Хеммерсбах РУС


As a service provider for the IT industry, we empower IT industry leaders to offer Device as a Service (DaaS) everywhere. We are more than 4,000 permanent employees in more than 40 subsidiaries and offer our services in 190+ countries.


Hemmersbach empowers IT industry leaders to offer Device as a Service (DaaS) everywhere. DaaS is an agreement in which procurement, deployment, device management, services, and lifecycle management are all handled by one supplier. It is our calling to enable this DaaS revolution globally for the leaders in the IT industry.

DaaS is an elastic model that allows to focus on your business rather than managing end user related infrastructure. With this agility you can quickly scale down or boost up resources as you need them, tailored to your specifications, save cost, deploy globally with one standard and  innovate faster.


The core of our IT services is based on three key elements which make our business model unique.

1. Indirect sales only

We only work for the leading manufacturers and outsourcers in the IT industry and never sign contracts with end customers, this way we avoid conflicts between our main contractors and their direct sales force or channel partners.

2. One service process globally

Avoidance and automation of service activities is our calling. Due to own workflow systems, based on autonomic technologies, we reduce costs continuously while improving quality as well.

3. Paid for user, not per hour

Hemmersbach as a managed service provider is paid for the outcome, not for hours. We are responsible for the productivity and coping with volatility and ticket volume. This results in cost predictability for our customers. 


We have a responsibility for society and the world. Our purpose is fighting injustice where authorities fail. We do this with Direct Action without donations but self-financing and the commitment of our own colleagues. 

  •  Hemmersbach Rhino Force is our environmental protection organization defencing one of the most endangered species on this planet (http://rhino-force.org/).We protect rhinos and other wildlife from poachers in Southern Africa, support local rural communities and offer them jobs and other alternatives to poaching.
  • Hemmersbach Kid’s Family programme (https://kids-family.org/) : we directly help children who live in poor conditions and provide them an access to quality education, psychological care and a peaceful childhood. We helped up to 500 homeless children in India and  have currently taken responsibility over three children's homes  in Poland.


  • Social security: employment according to the Labor Law; full-paid vacation (28 days a year), and full-paid sick leave (2 months per year)
  • Healthcare: health insurance (including dentist); annual sport compensation
  • Weekly English classes with native English speakers at the office
  • Personal development bonus: corporate trainings, Buddy and Mentor programmes, regular feedback
  • Opportunity to take "home office" days
  • International and local corporate activities: onboarding, summit in the headquarters, holidays, corporate parties and much more
  • Strong team spirit and a great working atmosphere in a friendly team of young professionals.

                                                                          EMPOWERING DEVICE AS A SERVICE


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