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Connectis is 120 experts working in Poland and 14 European countries. We guarantee immediate access to talented It specialists when and for such long as needed.

We offer outsourced employees and managing access to the needed experts. Instead of many employment contracts – a single B2B agreement and one monthly invoice. Our motto is "Outsourcing People" since nowadays the key role in the world is played by access to competent specialist despite hiring them for an undefined period of time – that’s our specialization.

We established our company to respond to growing demand for competences in the IT sector. We provide you with immediate access to the best and verified people. Our cloud consists in 30 000 thoroughly verified specialists, of which we build a team for you within 24 hours. It may start working on the very next day.

We work both for large Corporation from the Central Europe TOP 500 list of Deloitte and for small enterprises. Our focus of interests are the following sectors: IT, telecommunications, insurances, banking, energy sector, pharmaceutics and media.

The mission of our company is: Outsourcing People, cooperation and people. Our values encourage us all to follow them.

We want talented Polish IT specialists to increase their potential by working for our Customers in the prestigious projects, international environment or the most advanced technologies. We want the Polish enterprises to start manage the access to human resources to decrease the on-costs and become even more competitive. We change the challenges of our Customers in their successes. In our opinion, outsourcing is the future which happens right here and right now.

Key values and common vision ensure that our company operates on sound bases focusing on the following elements:


Technologies change fast and we have to follow. Openness to changes and flexibility are the keys to our operation.


We believe that anyone deserves the job, which reflects skills, experience and ambitions. Each candidate is treated in an unique manner. One takes the first step on the labour market and the others are experiences specialists looking for the new challenges. Each skill or competence is matched with personal development opportunities to meet the needs of both the candidate and the employer.


We pay respect to our employees – they know that they can count on us and on each other. We also respect our Customers – by guaranteeing timeliness and reliability. In this manner we attempt to deserve respect of both parties.


We put ambitious challenges ahead our human resources, however leave them space in which they can be themselves. A team of outstanding individualities – that’s our key to success.


Each challenge is different, so is each project of our Customer. To meet the challenges we may not use common ways. We are creative and pro-active.

Work in Connectis is an adventure we want you to join. If you are an IT freak just like we are, but you want something more than an ordinary job – that’s your place.

Here you’ll never get bored with your job.

We are a modern company operating in the international environment. The key requirement of our Customers is professionalism. That’s why we employ enthusiastic, reliable and willing to learn people. Your attitude and abilities are crucial to us. We will always support you in completing your knowledge, if there is a need. Each employee is important to us, hence they may always count on our support and understanding. We work as a team. There is no place for routine activities. We still learn something new. All obligations are delivered on time – you don’t have to ask for your remuneration. We care of keeping a balance between career and personal living. Connectis is a company, in which you just like to work. Do you think it is only a well-written text full of empty promises? Check us. Join our human cloud, from which we delegate people to join the most interesting projects both in Poland and abroad on day-to-day basis. Enter the new reality of work and the new dimension of your career.