Нек. орг. Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) 

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Нек. орг. Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) 

About Interaction Design Foundation, IDF

  • We are a non-profit NGO founded in Denmark with the goal of lowering the cost of high-quality education globally. You can read about us at: http://www.interaction-design.org/about
  • We reach around 8 million design-interested people every month on social media
  • We help hundreds of thousands of professional designers improve their skills and careers
  • Our educational materials are used in hundreds – if not thousands – of universities around the world.

The Interaction Design Foundation is a ten year old, transformative, non-profit community focused on educating, informing and stimulating design professionals and students, as well as providing first grade curricular and training materials for universities and professional corporations around the globe.

The organization has created a powerful online, self-paced course and community platform, allowing design enthusiasts all over the world to learn from their mentors and network with peers in their own time. Members of the community can work towards career advancement via a blend of video lessons, eBooks, textbooks, design encyclopedia, membership forums and global design events, as well as via high-level, curated social media content.

IDF provides anytime/anywhere access to these materials, developed in collaboration with top tier Universities, Companies, Authors and Thought Leaders from Stanford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, SAP Labs, IBM Research, and with such noted authors as: Clayton Christensen, Don Norman, Alan Dix, Steve Mann, Eric von Hippel and Tom Erickson.

Each day tens of thousands of students and professional designers from various disciplines (web design, product design, user experience, software development, visual design, graphics) access and engage with IDF's educational resources on a common quest... to design a better world, in agreement with the UNESCO statement, "Universal access to high quality education is key to the building of peace, sustainable social and economic development, and intercultural dialogue."

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