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Nebulytics is a privately-funded software company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia with subsidiary sales/development offices in Cambridge, United Kingdom & Moscow, Russia.


Established in late 2013, Nebulytics actively develops and licenses its proprietary information management system to companies globally who require a low-cost, enterprise-grade system capable of managing their private/client data in a secure and scalable way.


Founded by former Nokia/Symbian (UK) engineers, Accenture senior managers & specialists in quantitative finance, Nebulytics is the commercial realisation of more than 10,000 hours of cumulative product development and entrepreneurial collaboration.


With the addition of expert consulting services offered by the Company’s in-house team of Quantitative Analysts and Software Engineers, Nebulytics is able to provide clients a feature-rich, turn-key platform, tailored to their bespoke product requirements, at a fraction the cost of legacy systems.