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ClinStar Europe LLC, Branch Office 

ClinStar is a Western Clinical Research Organization headquartered in San Francisco (CA) that manages Phase Ib - IV clinical trials in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states

We are a strong, highly professional international team that can solve all patient recruitment problems of our customers and provide the wide range of opportunities for professional and individual growth to employees.

ClinStar is one of the fastest growing CROs specializing in this geographical region. Our business has almost doubled over the last year and now employs almost 180 people in Russia and 50 in Ukraine. We are looking for the best talent to help continue our growth.

ClinStar, emphasizes the "human" component of "human resources" and places a premium on quality and integrity in our work, interactions, and relationships. Consequently, we hire extremely motivated, skilled and honest individuals who share our commitment to service, value, passion, excellence, teamwork, and respect for each other.

We actively support our employees who choose to pursue a career in Clinical Research and provide extensive and intensive training program.

The western management style and international environment we maintain leads to the day-to-day enrichment of our professional knowledge and experience.

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