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Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет


GIC (ex-MedicalApps) – means Great Integrator Company, also sounds in Russian like [geek], that better shows our attitude to the software development. GIC established in 2014 by 2 passionate engineers and 1 business developer, now is a full-scale custom software development company with over 50 in-house developers in Russia and presence in UK.

We help our clients achieve the most ambitious goals with the help of our expertise in software development in selected industries:

- Medicine, healthcare

- Banking

- Transport, logistics

We are good at:
- Designing and building complex high-scale backend platforms and service integrations
- Optimising existing business workflows with a power of automation
- Developing best-in-class mobile and web apps

We will be happy seeing you in our dream team!

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