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Six ultimate goals help us to achieve our vision:

Innovation Leader

For many decades, Hansgrohe has been providing the bathroom industry with decisive

momentum in the areas of development, production and marketing.

We want to build on this lead with price right products geared to market requirements.


From the design pioneer, Hansgrohe has become the design leader of the bathroom industry.

Design is the hub and the connecting element linking all parts of our company.

Bathroom Authority

From showers, our core area of competence, we are developing additional components to

recreate the bathroom as a centre of well-being. In doing this, Hansgrohe sees itself as the

advocate of water, linking the highest degree of comfort with careful management of water



Throughout our brands we have established a standard of high quality valid worldwide:

Made by Hansgrohe.

The customer is the focal point of our corporate strategy.


The constant strengthening of Hansgrohe’s profitability is the basis of our entrepreneurial

freedom and forward looking business.

Care for our brands

Our brands are unmistakable.

They create bathrooms as sanctuaries where you can experience your senses. They provide

our customers in commerce and the building trades with more than adequate added value

and provide consumers with the feeling of life in line with the times.

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