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Yacht Harbour was established in 2014 to streamline online access to information in the yachting sector.

This mission first took the form of a search system for brokerage yachts. Built around the idea of connecting directly central listing agents with buyers, the search system was developed with ease of use and accuracy in mind. The feature was introduced in December 2014 and has today become one of the leading yacht databases in the world, featuring well over 6.5 billion dollars worth of yachts.

As a natural extension of its goal to provide unbiased access to information, Yacht Harbour started covering daily yachting news as early as January 2015. As a result, the company has established a broad readership across both a B2B and B2C audience through accurate and trustworthy coverage of the industry.

Yacht Harbour has quickly established itself as a leading media company in the yachting sector through an active use of social media. By early 2016, the company's social media accounts managed to reach over one million impressions per month. The resulting increased level of interaction with readers has allowed Yacht Harbour to write more accurate and in-depth news articles from first-hand accounts.