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Appodeal was Founded by App Publishers for App Publishers.

Appodeal was originally created in 2011 as an in-house ad mediation solution for Alfa Production, a mobile apps publishing company with a monthly audience of 4M active users across all apps.

After experimenting with most of the ad networks, mediators, and app monetization tools on the market to monetize Alfa's apps, Founder & CEO Pavel Golubev was surprised to learn their in-house publisher-centric ad mediation platform actually performed the best — increasing their apps’ ad revenue by an impressive ~270%.

Golubev then realized that all mobile ad tools simply put the advertisers’ interests first, not the publishers. As a result, he decided to launch Appodeal to the public in 2015 — bringing the power back to the mobile app publishers.

Thanks to its innovative publisher-centric ad marketplace where ad networks compete against each other in real-time for every ad impression, Appodeal has significantly increased ad revenue for app publishers and has been growing rapidly ever since.

Learn more about Appodeal's Win/Win Business Model

As of August 2016, Appodeal:

  • Mediates ads from 35+ major ad networks and is continuously adding more
  • Supports all major ad formats: banners, videos, interstitials, rewarded videos and native ads
  • Serves over 8 billion ad impressions each month
  • Generates over $3 million in ad revenue to app publishers each month
  • Continuously increases ad revenue for 15,000+ apps with hundreds joining Appodeal weekly
  • Boosts ARPDAU by at least 29%
  • Has over 75 employees around the world with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Moscow and Barcelona with plans to grow team to 90+ by end of 2016
  • Raised over $3M in seed funding
  • Won industry awards, including the White Nights 2015 Award for Mobile Advertising & Monetization


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