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AbsoluteVizion is a Ukraine based outsource software Development Company producing software for a wide variety of industries.

Headquartered in Kharkiv, which is known for a huge number of scientific institutes, technical colleges and universities, AbsoluteVizion is ready for all types of tasks. Led by an experienced and visionary management team, AbsoluteVizion is poised to be the driving innovative force in the software development, while raising the bar for quality and service standards. 

AbsoluteVizion praises itself with having staff with well trained in English speaking. We fully understand the frustration caused by bad communications and that is why we invest in our staff. This has helped us secure projects with customers based as far away as the United Kingdom and Sweden, and receiving very positive feedback along the way.

AbsoluteVizion is to extend our customers web development teams with qualified IT professionals in Ukraine in a long-term and employment. We recruit any type of IT stuff in close collaboration with you is at your to assistance in putting together the most sensible and lucrative team for you. Once the team is in place, our focus is shifted towards making sure that everything really works fluently and efficiently for you. Being based between the European Union and Asia, it is easy to facilitate face-to-face meetings whenever needed.