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ООО RapidSeedbox 

Who we are?


RapidSeedbox.com is a company that is running for 8 years now, from 2008. Work with fun, smart, and highly motivated people at a successful and growing company in the anonymity industry.

You’ll be a critical member of the team on a first name basis with the owner and not employee #1928938. Our company and technology team is small and nimble. You won't be smothered by meetings and are mostly free to choose how you accomplish your goals.

We are a 100% remote work company and we are looking for the next superstar to join us, with a positive "sure! I can do that." attitude to join our team. The work is remote, from home, for a full-time position.

We provide Seedbox & Dedicated Servers for our clients, as well as IP rentals, and help our clients gain the fastest, most reliable, anonymous online experience.

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer support in our niche, and looking for the next superstar to help us achieve our missions and goals.

We have 6 employees within the company right now, who you'll be joining, and our team is mainly located in Russia & Serbia at the moment.

Why join RapidSeedbox?

1) Opportunity to grow. There is plenty to learn and we are relatively a young and small company with ability to learn a lot. Very similar to a start-up.

2) Opportunity to work from home. We do not have any offices in Russia, and are looking for home based people to join our company. Work from anywhere, as long as you get the job done.