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Эрих Краузе Финланд АО 

The Erich Krause Company has committed itself in creating and producing office goods Erich Krause. They are equally necessary for employee, our clients and whole society in general.

Brand Erich Krause – it is full range of stationeries for office and home, which is guaranteed immaculate performance of different tasks during the work or study. It follows you day by day naturally and smoothly.

For million buyers all over the World production of Erich Krause became faithful and dependable ally in realizing of any project and the most ambitious plans.

The Erich Krause Company has productive history of cooperation with such companies as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Dream Works, Fox Kids, thereby one more trend develop actively. This is creating of licence production of Erich Krause with image of popular films (Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Power Rangers, Witch, Faries etc.)

The stationeries with Erich Krause’s brand are known and bought in many countries of the world: Algeria, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Ecuador, Baltics, CIS countries etc.

The highly knowledgeable specialist of Erich Krause exert all their force on the each product  of company to serve maximum and inalterably enjoy buyers by comfort and easy use, surety in exploitation and splendid design.


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