ООО The Gap Partnership


ООО The Gap Partnership


After 18 years of providing the most advanced experiential negotiation workshops in the world we are proud of the relationships we have built with the world’s biggest businesses. We are proud to be creating the world’s best negotiators.


We guarantee quality, consistency and ROI

We deliver negotiation training and consulting in over 50 countries worldwide operating from our offices in the UK, Germany, America, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China, Russia, South Africa, and across Europe. Every member of our team is an employee, every one of them highly trained and actively involved in commercial negotiations. 

Our teams are passionate about negotiation and committed to providing you with the best negotiation solutions in the world. What this means is that we guarantee quality, we guarantee consistency and we guarantee the ROI that we will commit to deliver. We do what we say we will do and we do whatever it takes to deliver the results you expect. 




As the world’s leading negotiation consultancy, The Gap Partnership specialises in developing negotiation behavioural change programmes for over 500 blue chip companies around the world including Coca-Cola Enterprises, Nestle, BP, TimeWarner and Walmart.

What we do 

We create the world’s best negotiators.  We do this through our negotiation development workshops and our bespoke consulting proposition, all underpinned by the calibre and brilliance of our people. Innovation is in our DNA. As an organisation we are continually expanding, challenging and stretching ourselves to ensure we stay ahead of and continue to drive, the ever-changing commercial negotiations market.

How we do it

The expertise and experience of our people enable us to deliver world-leading negotiation behavioural change programmes and negotiation consultancy across the globe.  Through our continuous learning and development we inspire and have a direct impact upon our clients’ businesses.  No ordinary "negotiation course", all our programmes are designed to create sustained behavioural shifts and we measure ourselves through the success of our clients.

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