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ТЮФ Рейнланд Казахстан 

‘TÜV Rheinland Kazakhstan’ LLP represents holding of the company ‘TÜV Rheinland Group’ and is the wholly owned subsidiary company, was established in April, 2015.

TÜV Rheinland Kazakhstan is one of the oldest and biggest organizations in the World which works in the certification sphere & numbers more than 140 - year history. Nowadays TÜV Rheinland Group – includes more than 500 companies located in 66 countries around the World. Presence all over the World, convincing quality, professional competence, cross-sectoral solutions, recognition and reliability, experience, a wide range of services from a single administrant are the main advantages for the group’s clients.

TÜV Rheinland Group makes its activities in the sphere of industrial services (including implementing different technologies in construction, certification of primary products and vessels under the pressure, lifting equipment inspection, industrial engineering, civil engineering, environmental protection technologies and saving energy, employees labor & safety protection; transportation (technical inspection, international certification of vehicles, automotive and aviation technologies, railway transport technology etc.); quality and safety of production (electrical safety, mechanical and engineering, international confirmation of safety, chemical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and telecommunication equipments, ergonomics etc.); education (retraining programs, Management and Technology education); information technology and innovation (informational security and others).

Accordingly to this, TÜV Rheinland Kazakhstan LLP offers to provide your company with various technical consultant services.