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VPE Capital 


VPE Capital is a specialist Emerging Market asset manager focused on investing institutional funds to enhance risk weighted return with a focus on the geographies in the CIS region.

Founded in 2010 by one of the most experienced teams in these markets, VPE Capital currently manages approximately $800 mm in Private and Public Equity strategies. Since 2013, the team has advised on the deployment of approximately $800m of capital into infrastructure projects across the region.

With offices in Moscow, Nur-Sultan, Abu Dhabi and Barcelona, VPE Capital pairs expert local knowledge with Western standards of practice.

The team aims to achieve risk weighted returns and mitigate the risks and volatility specific to these markets. This is achieved by harnessing the team’s extensive experience and combining it with our proven strategy. On-the-ground access to companies and local knowledge is a vital part of our strategy. Our clearly structured investment process enables efficient decision-making and a smooth transaction process.


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