Сферы деятельности

Промышленное оборудование, техника, станки и комплектующие


Продажа американской грузовой техники, зап. частей, техническое обслуживание на собственной СТО.

Czura Thornton will during the second half of 2008 establish a leading supplier of long haulage transport and construction equipment in Russia. The business will operate under the ‘PAN’ brand and will first be established in St Petersburg. In addition to the sale of trucks, trailers and construction equipment, PAN will offer high quality repair services and parts distribution, providing customers with a complete after sales service.

Extensive planning has been completed, land has been secured and key staff contracted. A small existing operator will be purchased as part of the project and a purpose built sales and maintenance facility will be completed near to the St. Petersburg Ring-road in 2009. PAN will initially sell long haul trucks and construction equipment imported from the United States.

Компания не разместила информацию об открытых вакансиях.