EastHORN Clinical Services in CEE 


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EastHORN Clinical Services in CEE 


Founded in Prague in 2004 (as Unimed s.r.o), EastHORN is today one of the leading CROs in Central and Eastern Europe. We operate in over 15 countries in the region with an experienced staff comprised almost entirely of physicians and PhDs.

EastHORN’s rapid growth is due to consistently delivering on our promises to our clients, who reward us with repeat business. We have rescued recruitment in many trials, and often exceed our clients’ expectations. On average we have beaten initial recruitment targets by 30%.


EastHORN’s clients include global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies with products across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Our experience is driven largely by the availability of patient populations in CEE and covers areas such as oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, nephrology, metabolic, central nervous system, women’s health disorders and pediatric indications.

Project Teams

EastHORN builds teams that have therapeutic and country-specific expertise dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals. Thanks to this focused expertise, we are increasingly relied on to manage complex and difficult projects that are not always attractive for larger CROs.

Our corporate culture values an ethical approach in business. Our biggest asset is our staff and we are focused on attracting and developing the best talent available in CEE through a culture of empowerment and trust.

EastHORN staff turnover has been less than 5% for a total period of the past 5 years.

Quality Focus

EastHORN has a highly-developed internal Quality Assurance program to ensure compliance with ICH-GCP and the integrity of the data we generate. We develop, maintain and execute QA audit plans for our clinical operations and investigator sites. We also audit our vendors to ensure that they meet the standards that we set for delivery of their services.