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Distillery is people. The main factor of success, the reason for existence and development of our company. We seek to work with the best people, we trust everyone and believe that only independent and purposeful professionals join us.

What is our secret? We managed to maintain the startup spirit after 11 years of a joint journey. Due to this we were able to grow up to 500+ employees, working with the largest brands, while remaining friends.

Now about our superpower. Expertise.

The results of our intellectual work are not only code, design, documents or successful tests but also the ability to find ways out and solutions where others don't see them.

High-level professionals work for us: 80% Senior+, 20% Middle, and our clients with pleasure invite to offices in different countries to share their expertise.
Frequently we don't only meet at the client’s but also gather in our offices. In Russia they are located in the historical centers of St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog, are equipped with meeting rooms, new computer appliances, entertainment areas and spaces for recreation.
More than a third of our employees work remotely. We built, organized and adjusted all the processes, learned to work without trackers in order to give our people maximum independence and the ability to productively do what gives them pleasure.

That's Distillery.

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