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Bojole Agency 

Bojole research is mid-sized quantitative marketing research agency with a focus on

  • Segmentation studies and
  • Conjoint studies for NPD research as well as price research and concept screen 

Our proprietary tools include

  •  Measuring new subscribers (mobile market)
  •  Measuring ROI for national promo campaigns (FMCG markets) 

Our experience and expertise spans a wide range of industry sectors from FMCG to finance but our main focus is on telecom and digital markets.

At the moment Bojole employs 35 full-time researchers and field managers and 7 persons in administrative staff; company also operates its own call-center with a staff more than 120 interviewers and focus-group and PAPI processing facilities which employ team of 11 field-girls.  

We offer a friendly working environment and a competitive salary.