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ООО LetyShops

We are LetyShops cashback service. And here are 5 facts about us:

1. 7 years ago we were a team of 7 people. And now LetyShops is a huge family of 200 professionals, which we hope will be replenished with new creative people :)

2. The main principle of our company is always to share. We already have 20 million users with whom we share cashback. Cashback is part of the money that is returned to users for their purchases in online stores. Thanks to LetyShops you can return your money in 1500+ domestic and foreign online stores.

3. We operate in the CIS market, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latin America markets, and India.  And our goal is to absorb Google, acquire Amazon and take over the world :) We’re joking, of course, in fact we want to become the largest cashback service not only in our own Ukraine and Europe, but also in South America.

4. To achieve ambitious goals, we learn a lot in LetyShops. The team is constantly studying in Ukraine and abroad. Investing in employee development is the best investment. And we are not only pumping skills ourselves, but also sharing the knowledge gained with our colleagues.

5. In the office of LetyShops it is always cozy, like at home: we walk in slippers and get together during lunches, coffee breaks and brainstorms. Also, we are united by joint sports, foreign language lessons, holidays and travels.

Bonus! Let’s reveal the secret: LetyShops is the place where you can create, develop and implement ideas that are useful to people. We will be glad to see you :)

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