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Bolt (formerly Taxify) is a ride-sharing platform operating in Europe, Africa and Australia. It’s backed by strong investors from world’s biggest ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing and Daimler. So far it has raised 175 millions and has reached 1$ billion dollar valuation, but just getting started - transportation is one of the biggest expenses and we are addressing a market on x $ trillion market. Taxify is on track to become one of the biggest technology companies in Europe.

Bolt engineering teams are working on unique product challenges complex algorithms for demand prediction, optimal real-time pricing, routing, fraud detection, distributed systems and much more. Volumes are growing at a steady pace.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity in a massively disrupting urban transportation area. While company is well-backed by strong investors and top talent, it’s small enough for every individual to have a big impact on its future and as well benefit from sky-rocketing equity package!

Company is over 850 people, with engineering below 100 and has attracted many top talents from Google, Skype, Uber, Microsoft to name a few.
The team is young and chilled, office space is very cool and Tallinn is beautiful!

Come join us, all relocations costs are covered!

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