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Wirecapital is the rapidly growing European multi-bank payment processing center that operates in Russia, EU and CIS as well as in additional jurisdictions worldwide.

The company’s processing system is fully certified by “PCI DSS Level 1” security standard as "Level 1 as Payment Gateway/Switch/Internet Payment Processing and Clearing and Settlement". Wirecapital is an officially registered payment agent of Visa and Mastercard. The company continuously invests substantial resources delivering the highest possible level of security and integrity of sensitive data of its partners and customers. Due to the unique ground/top security oriented design of its processing system, Wirecapital was able to set a record of fastest ever PCI certification of 35 days.

Wirecapital strives to provide its customers with flexible, convenient and transparent front-end to variety of online payment methods while delivering a highest possible performance numbers and other business KPIs.


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