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DTZ IMS is one of the world’s leading global real estate advisers. We exist to provide innovative real estate and business solutions worldwide.
DTZ IMS is a leading name in all the world’s major business centres, with 11,000 people operating from 192 offices in 40 countries.
In Europe, DTZ has one of the strongest market presences of any real estate adviser. Within Asia Pacific, DTZ is a leader in all the main markets of Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Japan, Singapore, and South East Asia.
DTZ IMS also delivers real estate services and solutions to multi-national corporates in North America, through its alliance with The Staubach Company.
Around the world, DTZ IMS professionals advise multi-national companies, major financial institutions, property companies, banks governments and other public sector organisations.
DTZ  IMS’s transactional business advises on the purchase, sale, leasing and acquisition of all types of commercial and residential real estate. Professional advisory services include the management of real estate portfolios, building consultancy, and valuation as well as capital advice to maximise the value of real estate as an asset class.
DTZ IMS ’s research teams track and interpret the market forces and trends that affect our business to provide the best-informed solutions for our clients. This includes strategic forecasting and social, economic, market and business intelligence to public and private sector clients, enabling a full assessment of impact and risk on their operations.
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