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CITIC Telecom CPC is an international connectivity - and cloud solutions provider, with an in-depth knowledge of.

Our motto at CITIC Telecom CPC is "Innovation Never Stops".

From 2016 Linxtelecom LLC is a part of big company - CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited. It is a trusted ICT solution service provider. Its business spans across Greater China, Asia Pacific and globally into North America and Europe.

CPC focuses on the business market that needs IT and telecommunication solutions that connects across different parts of the world. Its primary customers are major corporations and multi-national companies that conduct business across the world.  CPC has four pillars of business services that include Connectivity (corporate MPLS VPN, layer-2 IP connectivity and Internet connectivity), Cloud Computing, Information Security and Data Centre Solutions.

The key competitive attributes of the company are Professionalism, Quality and Superb Customer Experience. This is manifested through our highly trained professional and competent team that perform and abide to our internationally recognized quality standard; ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 14001, ISO 27017.

Our value propositions to our customers are speedy and reliable 24x7 fully managed service that always meet and/ or exceed our SLA to customers.

Company Website:  www.citictel-cpc.com

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