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An established group that encompasses multiple companies - Cyprus Inform, Kiprinform Tours & Travels, Russian radio, Cypinform Real Estate and Cyprus Land. Although diverse in their operations, all the companies are intricately woven to forge a sense of unity under one umbrella - The CYPRUS INFORM GROUP. Since its inception in 2011 the CYPRUS INFORM has striven to create a ‘One Stop Shop’ internet portal where valued information about Cyprus and its wide range of services can be found in both the Russian and English languages.

Our main focus is on building and developing an online portal dedicated to providing the most reliable, wide-ranging information about Cyprus. Our audiences are vast and varied, and they range from travellers to investors and businesses from across the globe. We provide resources that cover a variety of topics and interests, such as local news, travel, lifestyle, and investment, and offer businesses a platform on which to grow and expand. Our team are here to ensure that each of our clients receives a high-standard, professional business profile, and that their products and services are reviewed and presented in the most accurate, engaging manner. Using both textual and visual content, such as professional photography and videography, we offer top-quality website promotion to help our clients gain greater exposure and visibility.

Our credentials are the people who have through the years, trusted our honesty in providing cost effective services.

These values provide the benchmark for the highest standards and with a technological infrastructure firmly in place, we are well poised for the challenge of growth and development in new business areas of INFORMATION, ONLINE MEDIA, TOURISM, ENTERTAINMENT AND PROPERTY.