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Since 2011, Emerline has operated as a part of LeverX Group helping startups and established businesses build various software products – from web and mobile apps for iOS and Android to commercial and corporate websites and sophisticated enterprise solutions. Emerline team focuses on your experience as a customer. We believe in making your goals and your business success our number one priority, ensuring lasting competitive advantages in the crowded EU and US economies. Working in a task-oriented, robust team of project managers, quality assurance specialists, server administrators, and software developers, we help our customers achieve success in all stages of product development – from the initial product idea to MVP to growth hacking.


We have expertise in:

Web Development, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, StartUp Development, Tech Consulting, Custom Software Development, Software Prototyping, R&D, IoT, Chat Bots Development, AR/VR, Data Base Design, Enterprise Software Develoment и Application Development.


What do we do?

We deliver high end solutions for various customers ranging from Silicon Valley startups to well-established enterprises.


How do we do?

Our team leads the customers all the way through from initial ideas to real live solution;

We help our clients to turn napkin sketches into perfect UX designs and leverage proof of concepts into scalable enterprise solution implementations.


Company principles:

  • Excellent working environment: the company is big enough to be reliable, yet small enough to be person-oriented;
  • Company provides work-life balance to suit everyone: modern laptops, flexible working hours, loyal sick-leave policy, student-exam-session-friendly approach, corporate events and sport activities;
  • The strength of the team is each individual: we promote individual commitment to a group effort.

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