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Revain is the first blockchain-based review platform with the goal to give the crypto community a single source of trustworthy feedback about projects, exchanges and wallets.


We have built the Revain platform from scratch for the past year. As of December 27th, 2018, we listed 2125 projects, 270 crypto exchanges and 16 wallets on the Revain platform. As opposed to analytical articles written by ICO experts and published on ICO rating websites, reviews on Revain platform are written by a diverse group of authors. They provide insights about their experience of dealing with a specific project or an exchange. A range of positive and negative reviews makes up an overall rating, which helps to evaluate the project in a whole.

For Authors
Revain offers Authors a tool to spread their reviews among the crypto community, draw attention to project’s current status and challenges. Revain has created an incentive which serves as a motivating factor for Authors to write high-quality reviews.
For Companies
Revain offers Companies a tool to market their project or exchange and communicate with their users and token-holders. Companies can opt for rewarding Authors for quality reviews and promote themselves among the crypto community by moving higher up in the overall ranking.

Two token system
Revain has a two-token system: R and RVN tokens.

Blockchain and AI

Blockchain implementation ensures that all user actions such as writing reviews and “Likes” / ”Dislikes” are written in the blockchain, where they can’t be changed or deleted by anyone, including Revain itself. A separate page in the bottom of Revain website called “bloсkchain” enables anyone to see all reviews written in the blockchain. From there all user actions happening on the platform can be tracked.

Artificial Intelligence
Our custom-built AI checks all reviews, filters out low-quality reviews and makes high-quality ones eligible for rewards. AI analyzes the usefulness of a review, its quality and uniqueness. By a high-quality review, the system means a detailed description of an author’s own experience and opinion regarding projects and exchanges. AI evaluates reviews based on a large number of parameters and gives an assessment of the written text. Users whose reviews have been rated as ‘Good’ and ‘Excellent’ are eligible for rewards.

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