Учреждение Колледж иностранных языков в городе Актау 


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Учреждение Колледж иностранных языков в городе Актау 

College of Foreign Languages in the city of Aktau is an institution, providing legally, educational activity for training specialists with secondary specialized and primary higher education in accordance to the Educational Law of Kazakhstan Republic and the State License of Kazakhstan Ministry for Education #0032327

Admission and teaching of College students are realized according to the contract, regulating the relations of students with judicial and physical individuals and the document con tinning the payment for tuition.

The advantages for admission are provided to the applicants with higher and secondary specialized education, and those ones, who finish secondary schools with "excellent" and "good'' marks. The rest categories may be enrolled in the College according to the results of testing.

The applicants who did not learn English are enlisted on the results of the interview. Special Committee, formed by the College Director makes the, individual interview and enrollment in the College.

Training process is carried out in full-time and evening departments providing specialties: "English Teacher", "Secretary-interpreter". Syllabus and short-term teaching plans are realized through: lectures, seminars, practical classes, training-production practice, fulfillment and deference of course papers, current tests and exams, including state and qualification exams.

The duration of training in the CFL settled — 3 years. The beginning of the academic year — September and the end — June.

In accordance with conclusion of the qualification committee the College graduates successfully passing final and qualification exams are conferred the Diplomas of the State standard and given the qualifications: "English Teacher", " Secretary-interpreter".

The students, who got unsatisfactory grades are not admitted to the final

and qualification exams. The students who fail in the final and qualification exams are not given the Diploma. Certificate of completion is issued to them.

Placing in a job is provided by recruiting party. The College promotes it's graduates placing in their job issuing Letters of Recommendations.