Media Station 


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Media Station 

Media Station is a fast growing company, that carries out advertising sales and publishes Estonian national airline Nordica's in-flight magazine 'TimeFlies' and Lux Express busses on board magazines 'Direction'. Both companies bring a lots of tourists to Petersbourg and therefore the target group is useful for hotels, restaurants, spas, sights, cities around Petersbourg etc.  The quality publications with over 2,5 million readers, are irreplaceable for companies with over the average consumption capacity target groups and (business)travellers.


In addition, Media Station manages all the on board advertising solutions of Lux Express busses all over Europe: stickers on the folding tables, flyers in the seat pockets, videos in the personal media players, and banners in the bus wifi connection.

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Our well-known advertising partners include: Jaguar, Hugo Boss, Omega, Zenith, Seiko, Volkswagen, Swisshotel, Stockmann, Tallink, etc.